a collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of soul nature. Christine Armstrong and Susan Spencer are great friends who have worked together for over 3 decades; fusing an eye for design and a love of British Sheeps Wool with a propensity to make things happen.

Both of our co-founders are champions of wool. Christine started Thermafleece the first British Sheeps Wool insulation company and is an active member of the Campaign for Wool. Susan is a textiles designer with a respect for all things organic. Between them, they share a passion for the versatility of this special fabric, a wealth of experience and a desire to support British industry.

soul nature was born out of relationships. In 2019, Christine commissioned Susan to make some British Sheeps Wool meditation cushions for The Studio. From there grew a broader idea to create beautiful pure wool items that support intentional rest. They took inspiration from the natural world around them (Christine lives in the Lake District and Susan on Dartmoor) and sought out British manufacturers. Our cushions, pet beds and mats are the products of relationship with nature and with each other.

inspired by pets

When soul nature first started, Christine and Susan were forever finding their pets curled up in wool samples around the office. Watching the way the animals bedded down looked so similar to how we might wrap ourselves in a favourite wool blanket. We are all instinctively attracted to the cosiness of this natural fabric, so it felt like an obvious choice to develop pure wool designs that encourage stillness for both people and pets.

Our premium products are highly refined, balancing an appreciation for elegance with a deep understanding of wool’s potential. We are thrilled to work with long-established businesses who take pride in their expertise. Our collection aligns precise detail and the latest textile technologies to achieve our vision.

We have collaborated with a manufacturer in Leicester that creates three-dimensional shapes with no waste for our cushions and pet beds, and one in West Yorkshire that makes our mats out of high pile knitted wool. soul nature is a synergy of heritage and modern skills and a celebration of British industry.

what we care about

Taking inspiration from the way pets and people curl up, our designs capture the intuition and simplicity of rest. The colours we have chosen are both joyful and grounding, and the textural richness of each item invites interaction. We naturally do the same thing as our animals; run fingers through the fabric, hold it close or bury our face.

At each stage of development we aim to make as little impact on the environment as possible, with a focus on intentional sourcing and high quality materials. We only use British Sheeps Wool, organic buckwheat, organic coir, organic cotton and natural latex in our products.

At soul nature we love wool and we want you to feel the same. Our cushions, pet beds and mats were all thoughtfully created to encourage connection; with the fabric, the process and essentially the self.

We make British pure wool designs that support intentional rest, whether you're a person or a pet!

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